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THANK YOU for getting to know the 1MINE Family.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the 1MINE official website and we are sure that as you explore this site, you will soon feel

the sense of pride that we, in this "family" share in belonging to this growing group. Just like our name, 1MINE, encapsulates unity through networking with mutual respect and teamwork.


1MINE is a very active business NGO whose primary objective is to unite entrepreneurs through networking, nurturing young entrepreneurs including university students, and educating and enhancing entrepreneurs with skills and knowledge.


1MINE organizes without fail networking sessions every month in the Klang Valley to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, budding and seasoned entrepreneurs to meet, network ad connect, as well as share ideas and create business opportunities- building bridges for each other.


It is one of 1MINE's noble mission to promote CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) amongst business professionals. We believe that it is every entrepreneur's responsibility to care for the well being of another human and to give back to society whenever the need arises.

Recent Activities


Deepavali Carnival 2014






Green Business Practices


Coffee with Tun Dr. Mahathir


Mardi Trip 2014

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